Kyle’s Deck of the Week: Yogg’s Rage Unbound

Deck of the Week – Yogg’s Rage Unbound Kyle “EndBoss” Smith Overview Decklist #1: The Starting Point        What Worked        What Didn’t        Final Verdict Decklist #2: Turning it Back Around Decklist #3: The Final Product Testing Results Play & Mulligan Advice Potential Substitutions Sign Off Overview This week I am going to change up my normal[…]

Kyle’s Article of the Week: C’Thun Warlock

Deck of the Week – C’Thun Renolock Kyle “EndBoss” Smith Overview Strengths Weaknesses Play & Mulligan Advice Potential Substitutions Overview While he got knocked out in the top 8 of the European Spring Championships, Spain’s King of C’Thun Decks “AKAWonder” certainly made some noise in the Spring Preliminaries with a lineup featuring 3 C’Thun lists:[…]