EndBoss Hearthstone Open – 01

Welcome to the very first EndBoss Hearthstone Open Tournament!! Open signup, $100 prize pool!! WHEN: Sunday, August 7th, 2016, 12PM EST (9AM PT) LOCATION: Online, NA Server FORMAT: Single Elimination, Last Hero Standing. Three class picks, no bans. Best of 3 matches with Best of 5 matches in top 4 FULL RULES: Available here Minimum[…]

Kyle’s Deck of the Week: Adventurer Rogue

Adventurer Rogue Kyle “EndBoss” Smith Overview Why Questing Adventurer? Play & Mulligan Advice Potential Substitutions Sign Off Overview Sometimes trying to break the metagame with an off-the-radar concoction requires coming up with a totally unique concept. Sometimes you can break the metagame, or at least gain a significant advantage on the metagame, with a couple[…]