Kyle’s Decks – Pirate Secret Mage

Secret Pirate Mage Top 200 Legend Pirate Secret Mage Deck Code: AAECAf0EBOu6Atm7ApG8AqLTAg1xuwKVA5YF1AXsBaO2Ate2Aoe9AsHBApjEAo/TAvvTAgA= # Overview Testing Mulligan Matchups Substitutions Sign Off Happy New Year to all! The Holiday season wraps up a super busy fall for me. After becoming a new dad, I moved across country with my family (Toronto to Calgary), and then started a[…]

Kyle’s Decks – Eternal Priest 2 – Summoning Boogaloo

Eternal Priest in Two Formats or ETERNAL PRIEST 2 – SUMMONING BOOGALOO! Standard Eternal Priest Update Kelseth Rogue Matchup Other General Advice Wild Format Differences from Standard Kelseth Rogue Matchup Testing Data Matchups Potential Substitutions Signoff     Standard Deck Code: AAECAa0GCKIJqKsCoqwChbgCt7sCmcgCws4CkNMCC6UJ0wrXCqGsArW7Aui/Auq/AtHBAuXMAubMArTOAgA= Wild Deck Code: AAEBAa0GDvYCogmlCdMKkg+iEMcXqKsChbgCt7sC6L8C6r8C5swCws4CCNcK+hG3F6GsAtHBAuXMArTOAvDPAgA= This month, I decided to take a shot at[…]

Kyle’s Decks: Cobalt Secret Mage

Special “Dad Legend” Edition Cobalt Secret Mage Deck Code: AAECAf0EAsMB7gIOcbsClQOrBOYElgXsBaO2Ate2Aoe9AsHBAq/CApjEAqbOAgA= Overview Testing Data General Mulligan Strategy Matchups Rant on Secrets Potential Substitutions Signoff Earlier this week, I was reading about the concept of “Dad Legend”. Basically, “Dad Legend” is rank 5, because dads rarely have the time to grind enough games to hit real legend.[…]

Kyle’s Decks: Eternal Priest

Eternal Priest Deck Code: AAECAa0GCJcCogmoqwKFuAK3uwKZyALCzgKQ0wILpQnTCtcKoawCtbsC6L8C6r8C0cEC5cwC5swCtM4CAA== Overview Comments about Nerfs Overview Tech Swaps Testing Data Mulligan Guide Overview Matchups Druid Paladin Priest Mage Hunter Warrior Other Potential Substitutions Signoff A crazy summer is coming to an end, and thanks to Knights of the Frozen Throne, some of the ladder portion of that summer was spent playing[…]

Kyle’s Decks: Wild Secrets

Wild Secrets Overview Attacking a New Format What Secret Mage Gains in Wild Testing Results Mulligan Matchups Potential Substitutions Sign Off Overview After a fun month of April messing around with the new Un’Goro standard format, the start of May came with an intriguing announcement: Blizzard was finally providing tournament support for the Wild format.[…]

Kyle’s Decks: Silver Paladin

Kyle “EndBoss” Smith Silver Paladin Overview Testing Data Mulligan Matchups SignOff So, after a couple of weeks, the metagame is starting to settle, and the cream is rising to the top. We are starting to see which classes are winners and which are losers. I think most would agree that the biggest loser in the[…]

Kyle’s Decks: Secret Tempo Mage

Secret Tempo Mage Kyle “EndBoss” Smith Secret Tempo Mage Overview Testing Data Mulligan Matchups Matchups – Rogue Matchups – Warrior Matchups – Hunter Matchups – Druid Matchups – Mage Matchups – Paladin Matchups – Priest Matchups – Shaman Matchups – Warlock Potential Substitutions Matchups Signoff After a lengthy break, I have returned! My recent absence[…]

Kyle’s Decks: Smuggler Paladin

Smuggler Paladin Kyle “EndBoss” Smith Finally, a new set! …and, with it, lots of possibilities for awesome new decks! Gadgetzan has thankfully provided a much needed shakeup of the Shaman-dominated metagame that preceded it! Sure, it has been replaced with a Patches dominated metagame… with the Shaman version of it being the top deck right[…]

Kyle’s Decks – Sister Act

Sister Act Kyle “EndBoss” Smith Overview Matchups Shaman Druid Mage Hunter Warrior Rogue Other Potential Substitutions SignOff and Announcement After a week off, I am back! As I announced last week, from now on I will be doing my articles every other week, instead of every week. This will allow me to keep the quality[…]